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if you need a bio for a conference programme, then, here is mine a short one

In 2008 the best this page can do is to be a kind of mash-up of all the links and references to my work out there: conference material, videos, transcripts, podcasts, debates, interviews, partners' sites, collaborators, blog debates...

Luckily you can find heaps of it from good old Google right below - and thanks for the many of you who have live links to my bits and pieces that show up here. I'm humbled by the amount of stuff and the interest...



be very afraid IV: bafta

Just as we did last year, we ran the DfES, BAFTA, Be Very Afraid event at BAFTA. This year with sponsors' help too (names coming shortly). The event annually showcases some of the diversity of creative work being done by UK learners, from primary to HE, including special, using new technologies. This year the event again opened the London Games Festival. You can visit all the BVAs from here, or subscribe to the podcast stream of the last, and the next, events.

If you missed BVA 3 in 2006 some of the children from it were on Libby Purves' BBC 4 programme The Learning Curve and they spoke very well indeed about learning and ICT - if you click the link, be patient, the audio streams quickly but has a bit of BBC preamble on it. It's worth the wait, hopefully...


it's about time we had some scanning in education - I am very excited by this string of horizon scanning events and have an initial focus on computer technology, then cognitive enhancement, then the economics of new learning, then pocketable and portable (esp phone) technology.

design of learning spaces + virtual places:

  • I am doing a heap of work on the design of learning spaces, both physical and virtual. I do seem to have a LOT of resources and project conclusions exploring the design of learning spaces and it is much requested. Here is a good link to some of it (currently being revised)
  • I have a major stand, with EMAP's kind support, at the heart of the BETT show in Olympia this January,populated by students from some excllent schools. This year's focus is "learner voice". You may find the postcard set we've produced for the 2007 show useful...

inclusion trust

I chair the trustees of the Inclusion Trust charity with its flagship project
I can't imagine anything more rewarding than watching the progress these young people make after being excluded from school by behaviour or circumstances. We have a 98% re-engagement rate, up from zero. If it interets you maybe view the paper "out of sight: out of mind".


Learnometer. A really important suite of projects, newly announced with good support from Microsoft and others. The first is a biennial World learning Survey - what are the emergent trends in world learning? Mixed age, performance enhanced, project based... you can write the list. But this surbey will report biennially in November for even years. The second is (and how hard is this! gulp) a Learning Metric. When you invest money in education (buildings, ICT, whatever...) what should improve and how should we measure it. Both can be found under the Learnometer Project. Wish me, and Pav, and the others good luck.The third is a really exciting global cohort based doctoral approach to building meterics of what is really effective in education - see proper details here.

chair in new media environments

I'm a professor at the centre for excellence in media practice at bournemouth university where you will find some wonderful, ingenious, creative students (and colleagues) and I'm visiting prof at the university of wales in newport and remain of course emeritus prof in new learning environments at anglia ruskin university.

personalisation of assessment:

I was asked by the UK's DfES to assemble some debating points about personalisation in the context of assessment - and then to summarise the debate that ensued. A lot of people visit the results, so have a look at the pre-debate papers and post-debate notes from here.


I need to sort this out... podcasts all over the place at the moment.. watch this space ( February 15, 2008 )


I'm delighted to be executive chairman of LP+ which is growing excitingly and has a dream-team of imaginative, hard working folk at its centre; we are doing some extraordinary things with learning platforms on mobile, pocketable and other devices - see for example this project in China.

broadcasting and media

I'm really proud to be one of the board of governors for Teachers' TV in the UK with its massive on-line resource of over 800 free short 15 minute TV programmes about teaching, for teachers, but with (no surprises) a whopping audience of parents, students ...and indeed children. The channel is also broadcast on Sky Guide 592, Telewest 240, ntl 803, KIT 70, HomeChoice 845, Freeview 88 (12-6am). Proud? you bet!But I'm also non-exec director of The Knowledge Zone who have been doing a host of interesting bits of work around websites and media-streamed events in Cowes (hmm, wonder why I like them so much?!)

higher education

I seem to have HE stuff all over.. so (at last, sorry) I'm collecting some of it here - as a starter or two here are my annotated slides from the 2006 JISC on-line conference "innovating e-learning 2006" (of which this slide especially caused a lot of interest) and a useful 65 minute talk (helpfully audio podcast) to the "ALT-C 2006: the next generation" conference.

writing + policy:

  • I'm advising a LOT of countries at the moment. I can';t put much of the advice on-line, it is confidential for them for now, but as the years go by I will paste it up retrospectively. For now there is this:
  • the Stevenson Report - absolutely pivotal and still a fascinating primer. The report was the foundation of the incoming Labour's ICT policy for their first term of office (check which promises made it into policy! and which didn't...). By the way, the report was much informed by Carole Chapman's remarkable, pioneering Learning in the New Millennium project from 1993 to the Millennium. Link coming soon.
  • you can find much of my past writing from my retroBlog where I try to post past writings and look back to reflect a little on them - whether in newpapers or academic papers. For current thoughts I have a column in Richard Doughty's excellent education@Guardian supplement, am often to be found in the Times Educational Supplement and also write a column in EC&T magazine.
  • and look... I really do care about the apostrophe... I hope you do too

from the archives:

Back in the earliest days of the WorldWide Web, in June 1994 to be precise, I posted this on my website, thinking it was jolly witty. Revisiting it, it still forces a wry smile (digitally induced artifactal chaos?, the virtual Virtual experience of Real Reality?), but is an interesting insight into what troubled us then (bandwidth!)...

my history in all this:

I'm assembling some ancient history from my early days in educational computing (as it was once) - the microelectronic education programme whereI was computer based learning coordinator in the early 80s, pioneering work with Apple equipment from 84, with Hypercard from 87.. the Renaissance Project poineering CM ROMs in the 80s and much more. coming soon

TV futures, symmetry and contribution:

  • physics simulations work with Petr Bratt for Channel 4. Really interesting use of movies - even the menus are movies! But as an exempolification of where user generated content (UGC) might be heading... it's useful. this is the most bookmarked page on my server!
  • My contribution to the BBC's Interactive 2002 event was built around some precursors to winning viewer engagement in a digital broadcasting future: symmetry, participation, redundancy, annotation and capabilities. This link explains all.
  • for an IEE conference in Feb 1999 I published a page of 3 clear reasons why we need ubiquitous symmetrical broadband communication...
  • some indicative specifications (from 2000) for digital movie contribution - developed for the NCSL, but they didn't implement them (doh!) although they have informed much else for many others since (hurrah!).
  • various projects I've been involved with have a long record of publishing safety advice for Internet users. Here is a useful summary of what had been said by the end of the 90s. The audit trail of identity, of course, remains the big issue.
  • the initial Teachers for Teachers contributory action research site, eventually much superceded by the real thing of course.


I was invited to offer a few after dinner remarks at the Xchange 2005 conference, on the evening of 18th October 2005, before my keynote on the next morning. I shared some interesting numbers with the delegates... here they are. I was also recently presenting at På beste måte - Askerkonferansen 2005 in Asker near Oslo and showed a variation of a "trends" slide that actually hangs on the wall of a few education ministers. It doesn't change much, but here is the current 21st century iteration of those trends.

stuff for and from various conferences

  • look - I wish i could be as organised as the excellent David Warlick (see him in the uk at NAACE 08) - he doesn't just publish his handouts on-line, he pops them into a wiki so the audience can get to do the updating too - fabe eh? and he has an office in second life too. So I promise to sort out this section soon.
  • some links I posted for the Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers in Canada in November 2000 and the paper that was my Keynote to all the ministers. Many report that it has guided them since, especially the tough choices section.
  • you need bandwidth for this, but it's interesting! I opened a seminar at orange - back in the days when they were full of wonderfully madly creative people who chose to start thinking about learning and mobile phones. ANyway, at the time the seminar opened I was on a plane to SIngapore... so did the opening chat as a series of slides with me popping up in a widow on the slides. Tricky to do (I had to look the right way on the right slide.. you can imagine) but fun to watch. It's big, but the QuickTime version is here..
  • some links I posted for the "Standards in Education" conference (my Keynote was "Effective, Exciting and Evolutionary ICT Provision in Schools") in Brighton in Feb 1999
  • if you haven't discovered the exceoptional work they do in learning in Tasmania, start looking. This link is to a conference I enjoyed there - quite what the link between sex and learning was now eludes me...
  • some resource I posted for the Royal Yachting Association's coaches - sporting pedagogy etc
  • my report from 1999 on what needed to be done to the Royal Yachting Association's website. It is quite useful generic advice for similar organisations. Judge how they did from their newly revised site today... hmm; horse, water and drink spring to mind.
  • view my BETT 2005 keynote slides - as interactive QuickTime movie


  • back in May 2000 I produced a report for Orange looking at what we knew about on-line learning communities and exploring a useful direction for Orange to go in partnership with us. We are still working together... I also led a seminar on learning futures although, confusingly, I was in a plane to Singapore at the time. The solution was a set of "slides" that auto ran, but where I was a "talking face" in a small window in those slides. Obviously this was a bit challenging as I had to try to imagine where to look as the slides opened and closed. But what i said was reported as being interesting too, so here is the session as a QuickTime movie.
  • I loved working on the Millennium Dome and indeed tried to buy it when it was put up for sale. This was my initial expression of interest! The "bid" made it into the last 10, but wasn't the chosen one.. however, when that one fell through no one thought to phone the other bidders to ask if we were still interested, of course...
  • a simple explanation of project management and scale: how we did things at the lab (back in 2001)
  • some early planning thoughts on methodology - interesting to see how the project has evolved.
  • two scenarios of future school learning from a TES piece I wrote in 1998;
  • some really enjoyable work by students of Christ Church school on the Tesco Schoolnet 2000 project

personal + family stuff...


and oh dear yes we do publish, as a family, one of those annoying annual update circulars for those that we don't see enough of during the year. I rather enjoy reading them personally! Anyway, in answer to some requests you can also see our various Christmas newsletters and cards going back to 1985 (at least were were early into this!)... if you must.




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