Stephen's eCommerce sample sites for SMILE launch, 5/27/1999

Tescos Online Shopping including Tescos Direct

Tescos online shopping covers all services including the Internet services currently offered by Teso.

Tescos Direct allows shopping online and delivery to the door (but only covers a few postal areas at present)

The Apple Store

Allows individuals to specify their requirements as they add extras to be built in to suit their own needs

Amazon Book Shop

One of the earliest site 'selling' over the Internet. boasts that it lists every book currently published and lists many out of stock or in the process of being reprinted.

Now includes sections for music, video and gifts.


The Maplins site features an online interactive calalogue


One of the most popular sites for those travelling regularily allowing choices to be made.

Financial Markets which also has a link to UK Shares

Many of these sites require registration and are password protected, but this is an open site with a mass of market information.

Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library

…and it's interesting to reflect on information as commerce too.