I was asked, indeed commissioned, to do this research throughout 2003 from within the "Building Futures" programme which is a CABE / RIBA initiative, with colleagues from Ultralab. I became quite obsessed by it and spent far too long on the work, partly because it was fascinating but also because the emerging misfit between what was needed in tomorrow's schools and what was, in many cases, being built, constitutued a crisis worthy of so much effort. The more I looked, the more I wanted to help. Indeed the more you could see that help was needed.

The task was to explore the devlopment of future pedagogies and thus to be able to offer some guidance, or at least debate, about what learning environments in the future might be like. The intention was to inform and provoke debate within both architecture and education about the design of school buildings and other learning spaces.

The report is now complete and can be read, or downloaded for printing as a pdf, from this page. CABE have also produced a booklet based on the report, which can also be found from this page.

I do now seem to be doing considerable work in the area of designing learning spaces: schools, universities, companies & organisations, virtual spaces... if you want help in these areas, please contact me via www.heppell.net


booklet cover - small version

read now! pdf of the full and original report published at the end of the research work.

coming eventually: web based version of that full report

coming eventually: pdf of the CABE booklet (cover shown left)

coming sooner: a restructured version of all the draft web pages from the research project (which have been very popular.. but need tidying up)

link to the CABE / RIBA press release back in 2002 that kicked all this off


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