Prof Stephen Heppell

paper and resources
for the
CCEM in Canada

Stephen's paper for the CCEM and some other useful links:
Stevenson Report (which informed and defined ICT school policy for the incoming Blair government)

Internet Inquiry (Department of Culture Media and Sport's Creative Industry Task Force reported on the creative industry's needs in education and in other policy areas).

Discussion paper for EU ministers (in English, Italian, French, Spanish, German) from a conference in 1998.

A reflection on the significance of digital movie making with children.

Our community of practice for all 28,000 UK headteachers (Talking Heads) - the link here is to a demo site not the real thing (because privacy matters).

Our on-line redevelopment of the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) - a mandatory course for all aspiring headteachers.

Our pilot for the UK's University for Industry with the Institute of Public Policy Research.


and of course Ultralab's main website too. If you need more, contact Stephen:

phone: 0 (+44) 1245 252 009
fax: 0 (+44) 1245 252 009