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Requirements for a 'GridClub'
for 7 to 11 year olds research and set out requirements for the development and management of a pupils' centre for 7 - 11 year olds. 

The pupils' centre or 'GridClub' for 7-11 year olds is intended to be a major addition to the National Grid for Learning in 1999. To date, the NGfL has been aimed, primarily, at professional users. The new development will seek to deploy the potential of information and communications technologies to help young people to learn. It is essential that GridClub adds value for users to the many offerings available on the Internet.

The object is to commission research on (as a minimum): the market for such a pupils' centre, on the quantity and type of content which should be included, on the style and design of the Club, and on the best arrangements for the development, management and on-going funding of the site. Advice is also needed on the safeguards and any other aspects that need to be considered to provide a safe, yet stimulating environment in which young people can learn.


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