Well i havent updated these pages for absolutely ages, in fact this page used to be about my school in Brightlingsea, but now I have moved to the local sixth form college in Colchester.

I used to go to school in Brightlingsea, to the Colne Community School where I was for 5 years along side my brother and sister. I took my GCSE's ther and i can say that I was pleased with my results. I took 11 subjects altogether, French, German, English lit. and Lang, Maths, Science, Economics, Design and technology, Art and design and Humanities. I got an A in everything except French where I got a B. I was really pleased with my results especially of my Economics because my teacher had told me I was going to get an E!!!

After my GCSE's I moved away from the school to go to the Sixth Form College in Colchester. a very good school and I think that it is the largest sixth form in the country (and they are making it bigger, which is just a pain because you have no idea how much drilling can annoy you!) At college I am studying for my A-levels. I can never make up my mind about things and as a result I have ended up studying four Alevels because I couldn't decide which ones I wanted to take!

I am actually studying A level Maths, Chemistry, Art and computing. Doing four A levels I will have little free time but no doubt I will spend It all on sailing. All of these are really quite hard but I am definately enjoying them all.

Starting the sixth form was a real shock to me. I had never before gone to a school wothout my broither or sister being there, but it is really nice. I have made new friends there and I really enjoy it. Well i say that but I do lie, because I don't like the fact that I have to leave the house at 7:45 every day so that I can catch the horrible bus every morning whilst my brother and sister are still in bed! Never mind, you can't have every thing, and next year hopefully I shall be driving to college in my own Mini!

There are some good points about going to Colchester every day, although I am not sure that they are actually good points. I get to be near the shops, and I can say that I am an absolute shopaholic, I enjoy anything to do with shops and most of my spare money goes on clothes.

Since I have completed my first year in the sixth form then this means that I have to start making choices about which universities I am interested in. I am hoping to study architecture at university. This will be a very long haul because the actual training is 7 years long, not good news for mum and dad who will have to fund me through all these years. I am currently looking at all the different universities to decide where I want to go. I know that I shall be applying to go to Cambridge, but I don't know where else is really a good architechture university. I really would like some where with a good sailing fleet, as this is what I hope to be spending most of my time doing! If anyone can help me and give my any advice as to which unis are good for this sort of thig, I would be eternally greatful.

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