No not the TV series although I am a big fan and have been to their Friends pages.

Most of my friends are all members of the sailing club (you can find out more about this through my sailing pages). We have all known each other all our lives and although we have been through alot we all have a great laugh together and have a great time. Most of the people who turn up on my pin board are my friends from the sailing club.

My 'sailing friends' are all from different schools, as we all live in different towns quite close to each other. I go out together with my sailing friends, although we do find it hard sometime if we want to go down to the pub, because we are all different ages, however we seem to manage.

We all go to various sailing weeks together, but we also arrange other trips to go out together like last Christmas where we all went out to a restaurant together. That was really good fun but I think if the restaurant saw us coming again they would run a mile. We also go out to the cinema and other stuff which is a great laugh.

My old school friends from my old school were quite close to me however we don't really keep in touch as much as we should because I not go to a different college from them and so we have all gone our separate ways.

At the sixth form college (my new place) I havve made some new friends. I go out with them at the weekends and we havew a good time together. We normally go out to our local town, Colchester, because this is the central town for all our local villages (It's also because there isn't alot of action in Brightlingsea). It's good to go out to the pubs and nightclubs in Colchester, however we do have a problem that the buses stop running really early, and the taxis cost an absolute fortune.

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