Crew news

Joanne, my crew from last year is no longer sailing with me, so at this moment, I am in search of a new crew. I will have to use the winter series at the sailing club to try out new people to use.

World Mirror sailing

As I may have mentioned, the world Mirror championships are coming up next year in Canada. This means that the top15 boats from England, Scotland and Wales can qualify to go and sail in Canada to represent the country.
So far I definately know that my sister Letty will be going, and I know that I stand a good chance of qualifying as well.
I will try to keep you posted with any qualifications news I recieve.

Chipstead Mirror open meeting

This was only a one day event and the last open meeting of the season. The weather was good, especially for Chipstead (normally there is absolutely no wind at all.).
The club house was really friendly and every one made us fell really welcome, so thanks alot to everyone who hwlped out, (and a special thanks from my mum and dad to the people in the kitchen who make all the home made cakes at lunchtime).
I was sailing this event with a boy from my sailing club called Ian Wills and considering the fact that we argue all the time (well most of the time) on shore, we got on considerably well.
Lots of boats turned up of all abilities and a good few local boats made an appearance as well. There were 4 races in all, and I ended up finishind in third position which I was very pleased about.

Wheymouth training weekend

We arrived in Wheymoth to quite bad weather. It was very windy but the sun was shining. There were alot of boats from an assortment of classes, ramging from oppies to lasers. There were only 4 Mirrors. 3 of these were from Brightlingsea. We were however joined by a few local boats.
We didn't hang around for long on the first day, because the forecast for the weekend was pretty poor. We were out on the water by 10:30.
Itwas really windy and I had trouble keeping the boat upright. I was sailing with my brother, Toby for this weekend and we weren't really heavy enough to keep the boat upright and so we resulted in capsizing. However no damage was done.
It was too windy to sail on the second day, so we had a series of talks fron Jim Salstall. He was the coach for the olympics in Savanna and showed us some graet video footage of the team training.
Overall this was a good weekend and I hope to go to some more training weekends over the winter.

Brightlingsea Mirror open meeting

Overall the weekend was a sucess. There were 25 boats, over half of these were visitors. It was nice weather, reasonably light wind and quite shifty.
There were no major disasters on my behalf, but we did run into some trouble rounding a mark in one race where we faced a fleet of boats rounding the mark the opposite direction. This resulted in alot of shouting and one of the visiting sailors had a hole put in to the side of their boat. However appart from all this action, everything ended ok.
The weekend was won by a local Brightlingsea boat, helmed by David Saker and crewed by Barney Smith. Second place was a visitor, Kate Gillow and her crew Kathryn Rogan. I finished third.

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