Personalisation of Assessment

Personalization of Assessment
DfES riverbank Plaza Event: 13/02/06



I was asked by the UK's DfES to assemble some debating points about personalisation in the context of assessment - provocative was what was asked for (!) and this page links you to what I assesmbled - there's quite a lot of it but it's a useful primer for the many of you debating this everywhere from staff rooms to cabinet policy rooms...

You can view the Issues paper as a web page or as a pdf

Then after the event I was asked to summarise the notes from the vigorous debate that ensue. it was a pleasure becasue there was such a lot of wisdom in the room and we made good prgress.

Here are the notes from that debate as a web page or as a pdf

These pages are already receiving a huge number of visits from Google and elsewhere.. which just shows how important all this is...

A special thanks to the wise souls who debated with me on that day; their thoughts make these notes so readable and relevant.

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