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learning is lovely;
wish you were here...

In staff meetings, at design discussions, on the way home, talking to colleagues and friends... sometimes there is nothing better than a postcard to transport your thoughts and imagination to another place.

At we really believe (still) in postcards and are developing series of them as part of what we are doing to help with the design of learning places and spaces worldwide. If you are in the right place at the right time, you may be given one of these postcards, or sets of them. But if not this website will keep a pretty faithful record of each series of postcards, and of the text on their reverse.

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Series one: a dozen images from around the world, assembled for the BETT 2007 show in London.

Series two: coming soon

in each series click on the thumbnails to see the full postcard

© you can reproduce all or any of these postcards, that's what they are for!,
but you can't edit them, or sell them for profit. Sorry.

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