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Thailand Knowledge Park: Bangkok 1 2

TK Park

TK Park is a wonderful community learning space in the heart of Bangkok.

It is characterised by excellent design, with great attention to detail - notice how the TK Park red is pantone consistent everywhere - on graphics, cushions, T shirts... everywhere.


TK Park is full of fun places to DO THINGS and underpinned by an unashamedly constructivist model of learning. Visit any time and you will find mixed age groups of users DOING THINGS, and MAKING THINGS to present to each other.


The images here are quite big - to help you examine details, so apologies if you are on an older coal fired network connexion.

There are small thumbnails of each image, a bigger version and a full size image -start at the gallery and explore. Gallery page 1 also has some panorama movies (not QTYVRs) that give a good sense of the whole "bustle" of the place.

Gallery page 1 

Gallery page 2

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