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I was invited to offer a few after dinner remarks at the Xchange 2005 conference, on the evening of 18th October 2005, before my keynote on the next morning. At the dinner I offered some numbers that helped (I hoped!) everyone to focus on what kind of world we are in in the 21st century.

It is, whatever else, not the 20th century... and that was my point. The figures were revealed with a "click and show"... but you get the whole lot in one below. White was the initial text on the screen, yellow was what was then revealed:

There was banter and chat with all this too, but if you weren't there... you weren't there...

new school opens in UK every ____ days?
there are about (23,000 schools)


number of people watching the final of Pop Idol in China this month?

400 million

proportion of English children with own website or blog?

1 in 3

people who work from home in UK?
and then in the South of England?

1 in 101 in 8

proportion of children in UK’s socio-economically “worst” school with Internet access or a mobile phoneover


proportion of Notschool children who had Internet access before joining the project26% did.
Nat. average is


CSR budget for major telecoms company (per year)

£7m + advertising budget of £65m !!

Budget for company launching a new band in the UK including promo video

£40m (should break even by CD 2)

Budget to launch Kaiser Chief’s
2nd CD...

a LOT less (it was their own label).

LearnDirect uptake - what's the key?

learn direct map

darker is more…

proportion of young offenders in custody who were school excludeds?


proportion of last 1,000 Notschool school excludeds who went into custody?


number of US children educated at home

1 million (ish)

number of BBC channels in under 35’s top ten

1, and it was BBC1

Ch4 and E4 were both there too

number of SMS txts sent in UK 2004?

20.5 billion

June 2003 was the first UK 2bn txt month ever

average class size in Singapore?

45… but often three adults in classroom

in China:

• number of schools?

1,170,000 schools

• of teachers?

15,810,000 teachers

error reports daily to Microsoft

9 million

400 million Office users


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