professor stephen heppell

current phd students

all my current phd students are based at CEMP - the centre for excellence in media practice at bournemouth university - where I hold the chair on new media environments - they are fab, and I am very lucky to have them - I enjoy chatting with them all so much...

the CEMP website is a better place to explore the context of all our work, but this is one-stop quick link to their work - which I am enjoying hugely, we have a terrific team there

phd gown

andy tedd:
determining best practice in using social software to support creativity and innovation in the UK media industry.

ashley woodfall:
exploring children's needs within cross-platform environments.

tamsyn dent
researching gender and the media - starting from SkillSet's data that suggested a substantial loss of womenmt from the creative industries - but it isn't that simple, of course.

pete fraser
looking at the impact of emerging technologies like social networking on Media Education...

tom stacey
looking at what pre-literate and pre-school children can do to cue them up for the new world of computing and computer science in the curriculum in England

dr mark readman: completed and passed in 2011
What's in a word? The discursive construction of 'creativity'

dr neelam parmer: completed and passed in 2014
exploring literacy development in pre school children with new devices