Safety Tips in


1. Keep Your Password Private.

This prevents others from posting information under your name, and stops people who shouldn't be using from doing so.


2. Use Common Sense.

Don't let anybody online know your phone number or home address, and never post or send personal information like your name, age or school outside of


3. Surf in Good Company.

Let your parents and teacher know when you are using and work with them so that they can know what you are doing.


4. Don't Respond to Bad Messages.

If you see something that you think is wrong or mean, don't respond to it. Log out of and tell your parents or teacher.


5. Be Careful about Personal Questions.

If somebody is asking you a lot of personal questions, don't respond. Log out of and tell your parents or teacher. They can report it to the proper people.


6. Beware of Meeting Web Pals in Person.

Never agree to meet someone you've met in without your parents or teacher present. This can be very dangerous.


7. Be a Good Surfer.

Remember to post information responsibly. Don't say mean things about people or use bad language. Don't post material that is offensive or otherwise inappropriate.


8. Get Permission to Use Other People's Work.

If you are going to post other people's work such as pictures or designs, you may need to get permission, even if you found the picture or design on the Internet. Ask your teacher before you post anybody else's work. Your teacher can help you get permission if necessary.