...what is Ultralab's evidence base?

There are many, many projects at Ultralab,
but in the context of this conference:

With Nortel we have Europe's longest running Internet based on-line learning community linking schools in the UK with Nortel's engineers and scientists with currently substantial video and audio asynchronous communications. See QuickTime summary of phase 1 findings.

With the DTI and sponsors: IBM, Intel, Motorola, Oracle, Bull, EDS, RM, BT, Nortel, Digital, Apple, ICL, US Robotics, Xemplar and others we ran Schools OnLine described by the Times Educational Supplement as the UK's "bravest and best" (!) Internet school project.

With sponsors Tesco, partners Xemplar + The New Millennium Experience Company and friends Intuitve Media we have created Europe's largest participative Internet project Tesco SchoolNet 2000 with around 13,000 schools registered in a vast collaborative project to research and contribute work from within communities all over the UK - using the computer labs installed in every Tesco superstore with the suport of over 40 full time Tesco SchoolNet 2000 advisory teachers... The URL's on the carrier bags!

We ran the on-line pilot for the University for Industry with the Institute of Public Policy Research - very much a learning community built on mutual esteem rather than "just a course" - and have built onwards from there...

With the DFEE we are building NOTSCHOOL.NET (say it as "notschool dot net") for all those children, for whatever reason, who are outside of formal learning institutions.

We have built a virtual college of health, INTERCOLLEGE, linking all the Area Health Trusts, GP fundholders, pharmacists, hospitals and social services departments in South East Anglia.

and so on... !