Woo and indeed hoo!... Rather like Dr Who, Stephen's jolly faithful server Rubble has been regenerated, yet again, as the very last line of Apple's über cool Xserves.

And dear old Rubble is pretty busy - delivering between 30 - 50Gb of pages and media monthy - with visitors averaging an amazing 20 pages per visit - making this a really rather "sticky" server, and now heading towards an amazing million pages each month - so the new performance is very welcome indeed. Thank you for your interest, and your browsing...


x serve boxxeon chip.

and if you care about geeky things (I do) you may wish to know that this time it has two flippin' mega fast 64-bit 2.26GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon (8-core) processors; blimey you cry!

So dear old Rubble now runs awesomely quick (and indeed quickly awesome). Plus, there is 12GB or RAM, an on-board SATA/SAS Controller and a rack of hard discs including a 1TB Serial ATA ADM @ 7200-rp, and an 8x SuperDrive DL (DVDR DL/DVDRW/CD-RW)...

So, plenty of room for stuff then, but even more greenly energy efficient this time too. And, belt and braces I know, but there are dual 750W Power Supplies.

And dear Rubble resides snugly in the racks of the incomparably capable Solutions in Hove - who I would unhesitatingly recommend to anyone as safely reliable, insightful, geeky, wise and fab people; there are quite literally none better, anywhere in our galaxy.

..but if you don't care about any of that, it's enough to know, comfortingly and just like the last one (and the one before that) that new Rubble is still very, very (very!) beautiful inside. The chips are pretty, the chassis is classy, the details are delightful...

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last updated Wednesday, April 13, 2011 9:38 AM