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I keep finding myself in conferences, or seminars, where someone will announce a "new" idea (most recently: "we think there may be a link between children's digital-game playing and learning" sigh!!) and find myself in danger of being a curmudgeon saying all the time "yes but that work has been done before, well, and often"

So in the faint hope that it will help (!) I'm assembling some of the important or interesting bits of the past that I've been directly involved with / led / created /organised. Lots, but not all of this, of course was with friends at Ultralab - great days. Web 2.0? Pah, you can see that the whole social networking thing had been around for ages before that rhetoric emerged.

As with the rest of my slightly chaotic website, this will grow, gradually - be patient. Oh, and not all the links will work from the pages you go to - but it seemed wrong to edit historical artefacts.

I've organised it into past projects, and then a collection of random bits, with finally the things that were so near, yet didn't quite make it (like the Blair government's reneged promise of an email identity for all learners and the community tools to go with it - that we built a decade ahead of Facebook et al. Oh well...

I'll keep adding to all this as and when. Do be patient, but there are some gems there already.

projects | random bits | paradise lost


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