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random bits


ACM talk 1995

A talk to the Association of Calculating machines group, at Milton Keynes, 12th October 1995. Here are the notes. I tried to identify some of the major players in the game of Information Superhighways. In each case I offered the Ostrich's "Head in the sand" position and the wiser "Eyes on the horizon" position. Obviously on the night this was fleshed out anecdotally.

Will you allow me to be a bit smug about how accurate the future gazing was?

Standards for Education 1999

Effective, Exciting and Evolutionary ICT Provision in Schools. Standards for Education Conference. 23nd Feb 1999. A mass of little things: common sense things you already knew, two contrasting future scenarios... etc

BBC's Interactive 2002

A web page - with links from. At the conference, I introduced five keywords to the BBC and other folk: symmetry, participation, redundancy, annotation and capabilities. I'm not sure they even get this today...

21st C coaching and learning in élite sport

A paper in coaching I wrote for sailing's senior UK coaches, back in 2002.
"If you can coach for problem solving and agility, can avoid the curse of the self fulfilling prophesy and can yourself demonstrate an awareness and understanding of new learning opportunities"

Later - with 2012 approaching, I have found myself working with various groups of élite coaches - this link sums up the work. Rio will be the first Learning Olympics...

Gatsby talk 1998

A talk in Nov 1998 about ICT and the curriculum. Explored our evidence, some tough choises and children's capabilities...

real Movie stars and digital video

In the very earliest days of digital video - QuickTime was absolutely pioneering then - Apple locked a number of uber famous folk (and me!) away, each with a partner school student (learner voice...), to make a little collaborative video over two days. Ken Russell, Brian Adams, John Hurt, Hugh Laurie.. and others. Here's the video that Anneka and I made together. She was 10 and from Ireland, it was great fun. John Hurt and Hugh Laurie are on it somewhere. Very early 90s. All we needed to know about children and digital media was right there, then. Fab.


Now, I'm quite proud of this. "Stage 4: Is not really a discrete stage at all, it is a reflection of the previous three stages as the climate of expectation starts people talking about entitlement and participation rather than consumption. Tell this one to the cable operators and watch them pale!" and so on... pretty much bang on the money as they say.

Back in 1995 - at IL95 Interactive Learning in Edinburgh, the www was barely just begun and the era of multimedia was in full swing - I addressed the conference with a closing address and these are my summary notes posted onto the www for everyone afterwards, including a link for mailed comments. Very 21st century really...



bringing creativity into higher education practice

a presentation I made as part of my contribution to the JISC 2006 Innovating e-learning conference. Just trying to say that there is more to this century's Higher Education than just dumping a load of pdfs on an island in Second life. Anyway, here's the link...

writing with computers

well, this was a long way back, and one session of a B.Ed course I ran in the 80s - word processing was fairly new then (1986) but looking back, it all seems to hold up quite well, and i've really enoyed others' sessions of writing lately, which remeinded me to look back for this - and so now I've posted it here.

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