The Ultraversity Degree

Creating a new online degree for people already occupied full time... who want to stay that way, but want to study too.

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Most of the population never get to see what undergraduates study and learn...

...but this degree ends with a great celebration in the workplace or in the community as students exhibit and explain what they have done.

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Degree outline

There are three parts to the degree and they can be taken one part per year, or slower if you prefer. In practice, most will take three years to complete their degrees. These notes describe what happens during each section:



element 1
(or year 1)
foundations and action research

Foundations, profiling your context and learning ("where you are"), beginning your learning journey, how to do action research, applying action research to your context, using the online environment, beginning communication and technology themes.

The focus is on getting started and getting ready for your action research with a mini research project at the end of this element.


element 2
(or year 2)
action research

Small and large action research activities, progressing your learning journey, building milestones, helping others (mentoring), continuing themes. Mainly though, the action research.

For example a play assistant in a school may explore the impact of music on study and homework at lunchtime, an athlete may explore the impact of a new training element, or icy baths after training, a mum may look at a change in her baby's response to different mobiles over the bed, or to a new way of reading... all in the context of other work that has been done in that area too. These are not random pieces of research, they will join together to make a clear statement about what has been learned. Great fun!

The focus is very much on this action research activity.


element 3
(or year 3)
presentation and communication

...and finally, although there may be more action research in this final element the main focus is on building a presentation (real, not virtual) of the research and learning. Obviously this will need to show what has been done, but learners are also expected to communicate effectively and the presentation is judged by what it says and how it says it. These presentations will be in schools, libraries, company foyers and other public places, and will be genuinely interesting for people to visit and explore.

The focus is very much on this presentation activity.



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