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Project plan

Use this link to upload a Microsoft Project file of the project's plan.

Pilot Phase 1

The project will have a pilot phase of osme 10,000 students and their teachers. The pilot phase will be in two or three geographical regions with good local ICT support. They will be part of an iterative design process that will include their teachers.

Phase 2

The second phase will give a Millie Mail identity to all 9 and all 14 year olds in the UK and their teachers. Phase 2 will follow Phase 1 as soon as we are confident in the methodology of support and allocation, the robustness of systems and the scalability of Phase 1.

Phase 3

Similarly Phase 3 will follow Phase 2 aproximately one year later which will have given a Millie Mail identity to all 9 and all 14 year olds in the UK. By the end of Phase 3 all 9 and 10 year olds and all 14 to 16 year olds will have a Millie Mail identity. This phase would complete the allocation of identities to teachers.

Completion Phase 4

Fnally the Millie Mail service will be extended to all ensure coverage for all children over the age of 9 and if there is concensus that that is appropriate in the light of Phase 1-3 experiences, to all children below the age of 9 also, where requested..

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