Chafford Hundred School

Alison Banks was head of Chafford Hundred before moving on to the Westminster Academy - her thoughts here are a useful catalyst, even several years on, for those planning change in schools

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Introduction (1min 54s)

Introduction from headteacher Alison Banks - about the school, its genesis and role

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Influence on Design (1min 23s)

The design process in place at Chafford Hundred. The local community's part in working with the headteacher.

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Staffing challenges(54s)

Recruitment was a major challenge after opening - here's why.

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Swipe Card Technology (48s)

Time saving, effective and child friendly.

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Future proof & the 21st Century School (59s)

Catering for individuals and integrating the National Curriculum

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Technology affects Teaching & Learning (1min 52s)

How technology has changed the way children learn independently.

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