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rooms within rooms

the simple Rule of Three at Learn3K that helps define third millennium learning spaces includes the suggestion that in many cases three walls are enough

in practice this doesn't only apply to commons areas, breakout spaces, places for focus and so on, it has also characterises the many agile little spaces-within-spaces that have proved so popular with children and teachers alike - they offer a space for mutuality, for an intimacy of collaboration, for serious study and focussed conversations, for peace & quiet sometimes, for focus and of course, with always one side open and an eye line in, for safety too

this page explores some variations of those little rooms within rooms, spaces-within-spaces - and offers a few ideas for those of you just dipping a toe into agile, seductive, effective, engaging mew millennium learning space design, or more ambitiously coming to grips with the reflective and effective toolkit that is Total Learning



book in class

I like the playfullness of this book corner, from the wall silhoettes to the rowing boat shelves - but the little beach hut open on just one side offers the privacy and visibility that seems to work so well - children within the "hut" are in the big learning space, but also in a more initimate "together" space

in brisbane

teenagers really do love these booths (this one in the State Library of Queensland) because the offer all the intimacy of booths in an American diner, but alongside all the visibility their teachers like too!

inflataable space

companies who create exhibitions and shows often also manufacture these rapid-to-inflate little rooms

children love them becuase the inflated walls dampen sounds a lot and offer a "nook" where they can work together

the airpump inflates them rapidly from the storage case, and sucks them right back down again when you want them out of the way - I have seen them implemented in some pretty tough places, but so far never seen one punctured by a student - that is how much they love them! (and repairs would be easy anyway)

nflated space

see above - this is a smaller inflatable space, but still very effective and so easy to move / remove

inflatable nooks like these can transform a s[pace - a school hall, an examination room, even a room nearby - into a more agile learning space very quickly so that spaces which would otherwise be unused for significant amaounts of time can be more fully and reguklarly used as day to day learning spaces, but taken back to their "large scale function" very quickly indeed

IPACA inflatable room

see above - this is an even smaller inflatable space in the new Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy, providing focussed intimacy - but with supervisable eye lines - for the smallest of children

note by the way how we these little nooks transform quite elderly and staid rooms into rather cool 3rd millennium places for minimal money

spruce hgouse space in Boston

this little three sided space at the lovely Spruce House in Boston doesn't intrude but provides a very effective more private zone within the overall learning space

space cadtes!

In Australia's wonderful Wooranna Park school, with a fair number of children who arrived in Australia recently by perilous routes more typical of a previous generation of waterborn explorers, this wondrous spaceship (and the dragon below) offer that important space withing space, is playful, offers the securitu of enclosure and the accountability of visibility... and just plain works

how could you not fall in love with a slogal that declares the spaceship is to "boldly go where no student has gone before"? especially given the journey some of the children made to arrive there in the first place.


...and here is Wooranna park's dragon: playful, semi enclosing, with a mezanine floor, with cultural resonance... and so much more. Fab school, cool dragon!

This transition space is in Poole, Dorset, UK - it lies between two phaes and allows primary and secondary age students to work together. It is interesting in a number of ways - these little three sied 'alcoves' being one of them but also notice the floor furniture and variations in natural light.

yurt in playground

Hartlepool's stunning new school buildings for Jesmond Garden's School have a host of great features - but the school also has this digital yurt in the playground - it has an open side although can be closed right up when weather outside and teacher inside make that sensible, it has power, network, screens, tech inside too and a remarkable sound quality - the children love it - so do I!

By the way, a yurt is a portable, bent wood-framed structure traditionally used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia to live in on the move. This one is made in Suffolk though.













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