Safety Advice for Internet Users:

I can't find the work we did for telecom Gold and Prestel users in the 80's (thank goodness!), but here are some other bits of advice. Some are extracted from now dead projects, others lionk direct to the relevant pages> hope they help, you will notice a certain congruency in the advice!

Schools Online: 1995 -1997 for the DTi (Ian Taylor was minister).

We published this advice then.

Then with the tesco SChoolnet 2000 project we published these two blocks of advice:
ten tips for safety
Web Safety Safety Guidelines for Teachers

and with the vast Oracle supported we published these bits of advice:

either within Think if you have an ID
or a
cut and paste without graphics if you don't:


Finally, with SoL we tried hard to engage everyone in the debate about safety - each bit of advice was fringed with a "what do you think?" type question and was itself a catalyst for a "debate". here is an example from near the end of the project