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Simulations. Sorry if that sounds a bit formal and a bit dull. In fact, Simulations are an exciting, different way of understanding and learning. And that's what this site is all about - bringing you something different - a new way of getting to grips with the underlying concepts for various subjects. It could be History or Geography, Information Technology and more. However we have decided to start with Science. But, watch out - there's more to come in the near future.
Newton in Action: A chance to explore
our amazing world of forces and movement - originally explained by that brilliant scientist Sir Isaac Newton. When we walk, when we ride and when we do almost anything we are relying on the action and reaction of forces and yet often we don't understand why things happen.
Global Ecosystems: There is much talk
about "global warming" and what might be it's dire consequences. Yet global warming can sometimes seem too complicated to even begin to understand what the experts are saying. This simulation is your chance to get to grips with the main principles.
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