the Teachers for Teachers Action research site will be open for contributioon from the end of September 2001
Thankyou to everyone who has fed back comments during this consultation phase.

Action research for ICT in the classroom

follow some threads through the collection

In addition to simple searching and keywords, there are other ways to find your way around the collection of ICT action research by teachers for teachers. These include a series of predetermined "threads" through the collection built by many groups, subject associations, expert groups, national organisations and others.

For details of how to build or contribute threads see "more about threads"

We are providing the tools and the invitations for these groups to assemble their own "threads" which might, for example:

  • offer a gradually, increasingly, ambitious thread through successful strategies in Mathematics teaching at a particular stage;
  • collect a set of useful strategies with data logging equipment;
  • exemplify some national policy advice;
  • contrast policies from within the UK nations;
  • or might simply be a group of teachers with particular shared perspectives illustrating that they are not alone!

Teachers will be able to build their own personal threads too, for any reason they judge useful. We believe that these threads are an important addition to the collection and hugely add to its usefulness. In time, some historical perspectives may be provided by these threads too.

We are committed to both developing and offering tools that are straightforward to use and "geek free" to harness.


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