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Millie (Millennium Individual Lifelong Learning Identity for Everyone) Mail was to be the UK's national public service, developed by Ultralab, to deliver the promised one- e-mail address per school student for the Millennium and related to the Dome. After the promised slightly evaporated (!) this became the foundation for the free-to-use, advertising free, Scoop project developed by Oracle and Ultralab, which in turn begat Key features were:

It gives all children an email identity
They keep these for life
All teachers have one too
The identity database is protected in many ways that could not otherwise be in place
There are many national public services delivered uniquely through the Millie Mail service

These pages explain the concept in detail and offer a framework for debate about the key features described.

You may also enjoy a quick look at the specifications that are yet to be implemented in Think, but that are probably needed to build a fully functioning learning community tool.

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Stephen Heppell

October 1998