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What are Simulations

Of course, we are all used to reading about new ideas in our books. We are used to hearing explanations from our teachers. And we see terrific television programmes which expand our horizons and light up our minds. But there is something else - another level we can reach if we want to - a level which will make life easier in the long run! It turns out that if we can DO things ourselves - truly "experience" a situation - then we can actually understand what is happening. And once we really understand something we have really learnt it - for ever!

And that is what Simulations are all about.

Firstly, Simulations are interactive! Simulations give YOU a chance to explore things for yourself. There are no set things to do - no sets "paths" to follow. You can start where you want and do what you want. The choice is yours - and that's the point. We all start from different places and we all think differently. So we are all going to learn differently.

Secondly Simulations are about DOING. In Simulations you can't just sit there and be given the answer. In fact there are no "answers" in that sense. In these Simulations you get a chance to try things out for yourself - to set things up and to see what happens. You can try as little or as much as you want. And that is how all discoveries are made. We hope that as you try things out you will begin to notice "patterns" in what happens. If you can make sense of those patterns then you will truly UNDERSTAND. And, once you understand, that IS learning!

Everything in Simulations is designed to give you a chance to DO things - so it is all highly interactive. You will find that you can explore your ideas through interactive videos - an advanced form of "interactive television". But to do that you will need to have QuickTime (version 5) on your computer - it can be downloaded through the button on the left (which is also on other screens). And we should let you know that some of the videos are quite large so do please be patient whilst they are downloading onto your machine at various points.